Massimo bramandi

international artist

Massimo Bramandi was born in Naples in 1980.His passion for art dates back to his youth,thanks to his father Ciro Bramandi, and has grown in time. Attends Liceo Artistico Statale of Porta Romana in Florence and then continues his studies in the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Bonn (Germany).


"Art to this day, accomplice to the banking crisis and the low yields guaranteed to deposits, is considered a safe haven asset. There is therefore no longer only the interest of the collector but also that of the simple investor. Bramandi's work in particular provides forerunners who decide to buy his works with the certainty of a safe and profitable investment, especially if it continues over time."

“I would like to congratulate you on the conception of the intercultural project "Times of Art," which promotes in an original way some aspects of Italian culture abroad and particularly in Germany. The promotion of our country's extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage is one of the priority and fundamental vehicles for spreading knowledge of Italy around the world.”

"For painters such as Massimo Bramandi to pose the question of the imaginary might mean questioning forms as they manifest themselves: in his latest works, in fact, the painter does not seek to reduce volumes to the size of the world, but sets out to transform the universe into a code appropriate to the extensions of the imaginary. His work is articulated in time just like its slow and inexorable fruition: undulating, rapid, rhythmic, and sometimes dazzling, suffocating, alienatingly deflagrating."

“As deputy mayor of Florence, I find it fundamental and stimulating that a city of art such as ours offers itself not only to the admiration of those who come from other countries, but is an inspiration to young artists who, in their works of contemporary art sublimate the emotions felt in front of the works of masters such as Leonardo, Michelangelo, Botticelli. I thank for all this the master Massimo Bramandi who creates a human and cultural bridge between Italy , his home country, and Germany."

"I was able to appreciate first of all the "artistic growth" that Massimo has matured over the years. I met him as Mayor of Castelfiorentino, when he was very young but already very determined to realize his life project that was based precisely on his vocation for art, and to find him today so mature, both as a man and as an artist, fills me with joy and pride.”

"Credit is due to the author for capturing and portraying the spirit that bound these people and raising it to a work of art, knowing that he has not only portrayed faces but has rendered "The Reflected Image" of the soul of each of them."