Massimo Bramandi is the first italian artist called to realize the annual prize for Health Media Award, the award for German health communication, which has been given to the winners in Bonn on the 16th of September 2016, during an awesome ceremony.

The selection of the artist who has the privilege to create the prize for Health Media Award happens, normally, through the deep contact that the organization has with German Universities.

Massimo Bramandi, who attended with credits Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Bonn, was immediately reported by his ex teachers thanks to his inspired talent showed during the years of studying in Germany.

From the first contact, to the commission and to the realization it was a bit more than 3 weeks, in Germany it uses to do like this: meritocratic selection, fast contacts and commission started in a few days.

Bramandi’s Health Angel is a contemporary and basic work, but with a solid impact: 2 iron wings which clearly recall Renaissance, inspired to the Archangel Rafael, the health angel.

Copertina Health Media Award 2016 a Bonn, Germania

At first amazement and almost disbelief, then, understood that everything was true, a deep pride and gratitude both to his German Alma Mater, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences of Bonn, and to his ex teachers who appreciated him and his remembrance, proved by promptly reporting his work to the organization of the prize and last, but not in importance, Health Media Award which gives trust and opportunities basing just on merit.

Massimo Bramandi

Pittore, Scultore e Maestro d'Arte


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Health Angel is an art work of Massimo Bramandi