L’immagine Riflessa

Itinerant exhibition by Massimo Bramandi focusing on the concept of human dignity in the time of the economic crisis using art, painting, sculpture, installations and performances as a vehicle for social and human solidarity with the empathy and dynamic reflection of the just face in the middle of that of others. An instrument to give voice and face to the workers of the Shelbox of Castelfiorentino showing them as people and not as statistical numbers.

With the support of the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Castelfiorentino and all the other municipalities of the Circondario Empolese Valdelsa.

Periodo: 2012 / 2016

The Artist Massimo Bramandi in a live performance in the Benozzo Gozzoli museum with the workers of the Shelfbox of Castelfiorentino in layoff.

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